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Student Testimonials
S. Swaminathan

"Thank You so much. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot. You took more effort and made us to speak and gave us confidence too. Thank you Xiexie."See More...

SP. Subanathan

"Lao shi hao. Wo hen gaoxing"See More...

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Our Faculty

Our Faculty
  • We take our responsibility to educate you in Chinese seriously and will provide you with all the necessary instruction and materials to learn Chinese.
  • We have a well trained and passionate faculty who enjoy their work. Their enthusiasm rubs off the students who strive to learn.
  • We have more materials on Chinese language learning in Chennai than any other institute - either private or public.

Our system of teaching

  • Spoken Mandarin Chinese is the specialty of our institute. Students can proceed to the next level as per their requirement. Emphasis will be placed on Speech.
  • Small groups and serene atmosphere to cater to the individual needs of the students. Innovative ideas to make the students understand by using flash cards, audio-visual aids, books and articles from China to create the Chinese atmosphere is also facilitated.